Nevada Death Row Inmates

Nevada Death Row Inmates

Death Row Nevada

There are currently 83 people on death row in Nevada; it is one of the highest per capita death row populations in the US ...more

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Larry Adams Larry Adams 1984 - White Clark Larry Adams, was given a death sentence for not only killing his three-year-old daughter Lora, but also Lora's mother, Pamela, during a violent fight. On June 23, 1984, he shot her mother twice with one handgun and five times with another one before shooting Lora in the forehead. Lora's autopsy revealed that she had been looking at her father when he shot her due to gunpowder residue in her eyes.
Avetis Archanian 2004 1957 White Clark Archanian was found guilty of fatally beating and stabbing his employer, jewelry store owner Elisa Del Prado and her 86-year-old mother, Juana Quiroga in December 2004.
Sterling "Bubba" Atkins 1994 - African American Clark Shawn Atkins, arrested in Ohio by FBI agents, told them that Mason had sex with the brothers but refused to have sex with Doyle at a Las Vegas home. The four got in a pickup truck and drove to a remote area where Doyle raped Mason. And Shawn said his brother and Doyle beat and kicked Mason until she died.
Edward Beets 1989 - African American Clark A jury convicted Beets in the March 1989 slaying of 71-year-old Oretha Hames.
John Bejarano 1988 - Latino Washoe Was sentenced to death in December 1988 for the March 1987 murder of Reno cabbie Roland Wright during a robbery.
James Michael Biela 2010 1981 White Washoe Convicted of raping and killing Brianna Dennison, a college coed after sexually assaulting two others in Reno. The same Washoe County District Court jury that convicted James Biela deliberated about nine hours before reaching a unanimous verdict.
Alfonso Blake 2004 - African American Clark On March 31, 2004, a jury sentenced Alfonso "Slinkey" Blake to death for the 2003 murders of Sophear Choy and Priscilla Van Dine
Gregory Bolin 1996 - African American Clark Gregory Bolin was convicted of the 1995 first-degree kidnapping, sexual assault and first-degree murder of Brooklyn Ricks and sentenced to death in 1996.
David Bollinger 1994 - White - David Bollinger was convicted of two counts of murder, kidnapping and robbery in 1994. According to the Reno Gazette Journal, Bolligner kidnapped James and Rose Vertres in 1992, killed them and set their bodies on fire. His charges were enhanced because the two victims were over the age of 65. He is currently housed at the Ely State Prison.
PAul Browning 2006 - African American Clark Elsen had been tending to his jewelry store at Las Vegas Boulevard and Bonneville Street when Browning came in, stabbed Elsen repeatedly and fled with jewelry.
Timothy Ramon 2010 1981 African American Clark A 29-year-old man was sentenced to death Friday in the 2006 fatal shooting of a former professional basketball player as he waited at the drive-through of a Jack in the Box in Henderson. A Clark County jury on Wednesday found Timothy "Stone" Burnside guilty of first-degree murder with use of a deadly weapon and other felonies in the death of Kenneth Hardwick.
John Edward Butler 2001 - White Clark Butler was a leader of the Independent Nazi Skins when Lin Newborn, 25, and Daniel Shersty, 21, were slain. Shersty was white. Newborn was black. Prosecutors said they were members of a skinhead group that worked against racism. Prosecutors told jurors that several people participated in the Independence Day 1998 ambush near Powerline Road and Centennial Parkway. Butler was the only person charged in the case.
Robert Byford 2000 1981 White Clark At the time of the killing, Byford, then 20 years old, and Williams, who was 17, complained that Wilkins was always “playing games with our heads.” On the night of the murder in March 1991, Wilkins told the two there was a party in the desert outside Las Vegas. But they didn’t find a party. Williams shot her several times, then Byford took the gun and shot her twice in the head. Byford then got a can of gasoline and poured it on Wilkins and set her afire. Her body was buried later.
Richard Canape 1989 - African American Clark A jury convicted appellant Richard Allen Canape of murder in the first degree and armed robbery of the murder victim. Canape was sentenced to death. For the reasons set forth below, we affirm the convictions and the death sentence.
William Castillo 1996 1972 White Clark Sentenced to death in 1996 for the murder in 1995 of Isabelle Berndt in Las Vegas. Castillo, 35, was sentenced to die for the 1995 killing of Isabelle Berndt, 86, after working on a roofing job at her home and finding a hidden house key. He and a woman companion returned, burglarized the home and murdered Berndt. Castillo set the home on fire to destroy evidence, but he later admitted the murder to a co-worker and confessed to police. His companion in the burglary and murder was Michelle Platou, 28, now serving a life term with the possibility of parole for first-degree murder.
James Chappell 2007 - African American Clark Sentenced to death on March 20, 2007 for murdering his ex-girlfriend Deborah Panos, the mother of Chappell's three children, in Las Vegas on August 31, 1995 after he was mistakenly released from jail.
Thomas John Collman 1997 - White White Pine Was convicted of beating to death his girlfriend's three-year-old son, Damian Stach, in White Pine County.
Charles Reese Conner 2010 - White Clark A District Court jury convicted Charles Conner of first-degree murder and two counts of sexual assault for raping and beating to death 23-year-old Beth Lynn Jardine with a claw hammer in 1985. The jury of 11 women and one man handed down the death sentence after about four hours of deliberation. Beth Jardine's murder had gone unsolved for 22 years before a Las Vegas cold case detective in 2007 matched DNA recovered from the crime scene with records from a national database. The DNA matched Conner, who was convicted in 1996 of raping and kidnapping a 10-year-old girl.
Thomas Crump 1983 - White - Was sentenced to death in 1983 for the 1980 killing of Jodie Jameson in the course of a robbery.
Darion Daniel 2008 1978 African American Clark A Clark County jury took less than six hours in August to reject Daniel's claim that he killed Fred Washington, 24, and Mark Payne, 25, in self-defense. The jury convicted Daniel of two counts of first-degree murder. They also convicted Daniel of two counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary.
Anthony L Doyle 1995 - African American Clark Sentenced to death for in the beating death of 20-year-old Ebony Mason in 1994 in a remote area of Clark County.
Scott Dozier 2007 - White Clark Was convicted in 2007 of killing 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller in 2002 at the LaConcha Hotel and robbing him of $12,000 which Miller had brought from Phoenix to Las Vegas to purchase materials to make methamphetamine.
Jose Echavarria 2000 - Latino Clark Was convicted of killing off-duty FBI Agent John Bailey during a bank robbery in 1990 in Las Vegas and was sentenced to death.
Rodney Emil 1988 - White Clark On June 18, 1984, Rodney Emil's stepfather, Charles Howard Emil, 46, was found shot to death in a pickup truck parked in Las Vegas. He had killed his stepfather to collect on his life insurance policy.
Robert Farmer 1984 - White Clark Farmer was sentenced to death by a three-judge panel after pleading guilty in 1984 to fatally stabbing cab driver Greg Gelunas in 1982 at his Las Vegas home
Dale Flanagan 1995 - White Clark Randolph Moore, Dale Flanagan and four others were convicted of killing Carl Gordon, 58, and his wife Colleen, 57, in their Las Vegas home in 1984. Moore and Dale Flanagan were sentenced to death.
Zane Floyd 2000 - White Clark Is a convicted mass murderer who is most notorious for killing four people, Thomas Darnell, 40, Carlos "Chuck" Leos, 41, Dennis Troy Sargent, 31 and Lucille Tarantino, 60, and injuring another, Zachary T. Emenegger, in a Las Vegas supermarket on June 3, 1999. After pleading guilty to the murders, Floyd was sentenced to death by a Nevada jury.
Travers Greene 1995 1976 African American Clark Was convicted of killing Deborah Michelle Farris and her fiancé, Christopher True Payton, while the couple were camping near Sunrise Mountain in September 1994.
Carlos Gutierrez 1994 - Latino Washoe Gutierrez, of Mexico, was sentenced to death by a three-judge panel after pleading guilty to beating to death his 3 1/2-year-old stepdaughter, Mailin Stafford, in Reno in 1994.
Curtis Guy 1992 - African American Clark Guy was convicted of killing Caesor Evans in April 1990. Evans joined Guy and Larry Pendleton to buy drugs. After the deal, Evans got out of the car to urinate. Guy started to drive off, and Evans grabbed the side of the car holding on. Pendleton shot Evans three times. Guy drove off.
Richard Haberstroh Richard Haberstroh 1987 1955 White Clark convicted of the 1986 kidnapping, rape and strangulation of Donna Kitowski.
Bryan Hall Bryan Hall 2012 1978 - Clark A Clark County jury took about four hours to find 31-year-old Bryan Hall guilty of first-degree murder and armed robbery for the May 2009 brutal killing of his former best friend at Caesars Palace.
Tamir Hamilton Tamir Hamilton 2008 - African American Washoe Was sentenced to death for the 2006 rape and killing of 16-year-old Holly Quick, a Sparks teenager. The victim was found dead in her bed by her mother after being raped and stabbed.
HERNANDEZ, FERNANDO 2000 - Latino - During the early morning hours of October 6, 1999, Fernando Hernandez entered the home of his ex-wife Donna. Blood at the crime suggested a struggle that ended on the stairs. Hernandez strangled and stabbed his ex-wife, and then mutilated her body with butter knife, all in front of their three-year-old daughter Ana.
Michael Hogan 1985 - White Clark On November 19, 1984, Hogan shot and killed his female companion, Heidi Hinkley. Hogan also fired five bullets into the victim's teenage daughter, who nevertheless survived.
Steven Homick 1985 - White Clark Homick was convicted of fatally shooting Bobbie Jean Tipton and her house cleaner, Marie Bullock, each three times in the head during a robbery of Tipton’s home. James Meyers, a deliveryman, rang the doorbell. Homick pulled him inside and shot him twice in the head and once in the chest. The murder scene was discovered by David Tipton who came home to take his wife to lunch. Homick was also convicted of robbery and burglary for taking expensive jewelry from the home.
Greg Hover Greg Hover 2013 White Clark Hover was convicted of killing Julio Romero and shooting Romero's wife. Hover had gone to the couple's home to serve court papers. He later returned to shoot and rob them. He was also convicted in the kidnapping, robbery, rape and murder of 21-year-old Prisma Contreras. Contreras was kidnapped as she left her job as a waitress at Hooters Hotel and Casino just off the Las Vegas Strip.
Samuel Howard 1983 1949 African American Clark Sentenced to death on May 4, 1983 for the 1980 murder of Dr. George Monahan.
Donte Johnson 2005 - African American Clark hot four Las Vegas teen-agers during a 1998 robbery. Killed in the slayings were Matthew Mowen, 19; Tracey Gorringe, 20; Jeffrey Biddle, 19; and Peter Talamantez, 17.
Edward Lee Jones 2003 - African American Clark Edward Lee Jones was convicted of the 1991 death of his girlfriend Pamela Williams. She was stabbed 36 times with a butcher knife. The Nevada Supreme Court upheld the death penalty sentence of a former Utah man who pleaded guilty to killing a 3-year-old girl and stabbing her 10-year-old sister nine years ago.
William John Keck 2012 1983 White Clark William Keck was convicted of five counts - including first-degree murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter-killing of an unborn quick child - in the Nov. 3, 2008, shooting. Keck fatally shot Jonathan Lestelle, 26, during an early morning attack at the Fountains at Villa Cordova apartments, 2800 S. Eastern Ave., near Sahara Avenue. During the attack, Keck also shot his estranged wife, Angel Reyes, eight times. The 18-week-old fetus, fathered by Lestelle, was struck by at least one bullet during the attack and died.
Jimmy Kirksey 1989 - African-American Clark Kirksey pleaded guilty in the 1988 beating death of Michael A. Fox at a downtown motel and was sentenced to death.
Gregory Leonard 1995 - African American Clark Convicted of strangling 65-year-old Thomas B. Williams in November 1994 in the Las Vegas apartment complex where they both lived.
William Leonard 1988 - White - Sentenced to death for stabbing fellow inmate Joseph Wright 21 times with a prison-made knife in 1987. It was his third murder conviction and his second for a stabbing death of another prisoner.
Roger A Libby 1990 - - Pershing Sentenced to death in 1990 for murdering two men whose bodies were found in the desert near Winnemucca. The bodies of Charles Beatty and James Robertson had been found 19 months earlier.
Kevin James Lisle 1995 - White Clark Faces execution for the murder of a police chief's son, Justin Lusch, 19, in July 1994. Lusch was the son of then-North Las Vegas Police Chief Ron Lusch. Lisle also got a death sentence for shooting from a moving car and killing a motorist on U.S. 95 in northwest Las Vegas in October 1994.
Manuel Lopez 1986 - Latino Clark Jessica Cevallos, the victim in one of the most infamous child abuse cases in local history, died on November 11, 1985, after three days of torture at the hands of her mother's boyfriend. She was scalded in hot water and hung by her hair in the closet.
Beau Maestas 2005 1984 White Clark Sentenced to death for the January 2003 killing of three-year-old Kristyanna Cowan and the stabbing of her half-sister, Brittney Bergeron, in a trailer in the CasaBlanca hotel RV park in Mesquite. Brittney was left paralyzed from the waist down.
Jason McCarty 2006 1968 African American Clark It took a jury only a couple of hours Tuesday to convict Jason McCarty of 15 felonies and one gross misdemeanor, including two counts of murder with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and robbery, after a nearly monthlong trial.
Robert Lee McConnell 2003 - White - McConnell pleaded guilty and was sentenced to die in 2003 for fatally shooting Brian Pierce on August 7, 2002. Pierce was engaged to McConnell's former girlfriend. After the shooting, prosecutors said McConnell dragged the body to a back bedroom, tried to dig out some of the bullets that killed Pierce — and then stabbed him with a steak knife and placed a tape of the movie “Fear” next to the knife that was buried to the hilt in the victim's chest. According to court and police records, McConnell then waited for the woman to return from work and attacked her.
Patrick McKenna 1979 1946 White Clark McKenna has been on death row since 1979, when he was convicted of killing his cell mate while in the Clark County Jail.
Charles McNelton 1989 - African American Clark Sentenced to death for the murder of Monica Glass, 16, in May 1989. McNelton shot Glass, who was a crack cocaine dealer, once in the head for competing with his half-cousin's drug trade in Las Vegas.
MENDOZA, FREDERICK 2008 1946 White Clark Mendoza, a Vietnam War veteran, was sentenced to death for raping and killing a 68-year-old woman at an assisted living apartment complex in 2007. Frederick Mendoza pleaded guilty in District Court to killing Rita Kremberg. Mendoza, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, sexually assaulted and stabbed Kremberg 18 times and slit her throat with a steak knife, authorities said. Mendoza and Kremberg lived at Destination Senior Living at Spring Valley, near Jones Boulevard and Flamingo Road, but didn't know each other.
MIDDLETON, DAVID 1998 - African American Washoe Middleton, a former Miami police officer, was found guilty in 1997 of killing Sun Valley teacher Katherine Powell and Circus Circus Reno employee Thelma Amparo Davila.
MOORE, RANDOLPH - - White Clark Randolph Moore, Dale Flanagan and four others were convicted of killing Carl Gordon, 58, and his wife Colleen, 57, in their Las Vegas home in 1984. Moore and Dale Flanagan were sentenced to death.
MULDER, MICHAEL 1997 1960 White Clark Convicted of the beating death of a 77-year-old man at his mobile home in Las Vegas in July 1996. John Ahart, was beaten with a blunt instrument and his hands and feet were tied with duct tape. Ahart's 1990 Infiniti coupe, a new watch, a jewelry box and a gun were stolen.
NIKA, AVRAM VINETO 1995 - White Washoe Avram Nika (pictured) was convicted of shooting Edward Smith east of Reno in August 1994 and was sentenced to death, according to this appellate ruling in the Nika case. The Government of Serbia has intervened in the case, the first time the country has done so, contending in a brief filed this week that Nika couldn’t speak English at the time of his arrest and was denied translation and consular services by the Nevada authorities.
NUNNERY, EUGENE 2008 1980 African American Clark Sentenced to death for murdering Saul Nunez Saustegui, who was shot execution-style during a robbery on September 22, 2006, which netted $3, during a Las Vegas crime spree that left three dead. Authorities said Nunnery and three other men went on a monthlong crime spree targeting Hispanics and others in slayings, home invasions and robberies. Nunnery is accused of killing two Hispanic men during robberies and of shooting a third man in a drug deal. Nunnery is facing murder charges in two more cases.
STEVEN PARKER 1990 - African American Clark Steven Altonio Parker murdered Debra Oscars, in the kitchen of Oscars' apartment. The jury found Parker guilty of first degree murder with the use of a deadly weapon. After the penalty hearing, the jury sentenced Parker to death. The jury found four aggravating circumstances: (1) the murder was committed by someone under a sentence of imprisonment; (2) the murder was committed by someone previously convicted of a felony involving the use or threat of violence; (3) the murder was committed during the commission of or attempted commission of sexual assault; and (4) the murder involved torture, depravity of mind, or mutilation of the victim.
Tracy Petrocelli 1982 - White Washoe Convicted and sentenced to death for the 1982 murder of Reno auto salesman James Wilson.
POWELL, KITRICH 1991 - White Clark Was convicted in 1991 of repeated beatings and causing the death, in November 1989, of four-year-old Melea Allen, the daughter of Sharon Allen, Powell's girlfriend
Charles Randolph 1999 - African American - Sentenced to death for the slaying of Shelly Lokken, a 31-year-old bartender at Doc Holliday's Tavern, during a robbery on May 5, 1998.
RICHARDSON, THOMAS 2009 - White Clark Convicted and sentenced to death for beating to death a 91-year-old cancer survivor and her grandson with a claw hammer. Authorities said Thomas Richardson came to Las Vegas over the 2005 Labor Day weekend with his girlfriend’s teenage son, Robert Denhart, with a plan to rob and kill Steven Folker, who was staying with his grandmother, Estelle Feldman. Richardson was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder with use of a deadly weapon with one of the victims being 60-years or older and one count each of robbery with use of a deadly weapon, burglary with use of a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit robbery.
RIKER, DAVID 1994 - White Clark The Nevada Supreme Court has allowed a new death penalty hearing to go forward for David R. Riker, convicted of first-degree murder in Las Vegas. Riker originally received the death penalty, but a district judge vacated the sentence and ordered a new sentencing hearing. The prosecution then added an aggravating circumstance to support the death penalty. That was the fact that Riker had been convicted in 2005 for an earlier murder in California.
RILEY, BILLY R. 1990 - African American Clark Albert “Ramrod” Bollin was killed by a single gunshot wound to the chest on October 1, 1989. The weapon used to kill Bollin was a sawed-off .410 caliber shotgun that belonged to Billy Ray Riley. Three persons, Darrell Lee Jackson, Kim Johnson, and Leotis Gordon, were at or near the scene where Ramrod Bollin was shot, and all three testified at trial. Darrell Lee Jackson told the jurors that sometime after 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the shooting, he and Ramrod Bollin arrived at Leotis Gordon’s residence where they met Billy Ray Riley. Riley asked Ramrod Bollin if he had any drugs. Then, all three men proceeded to a bedroom-lounge located in the house. According to Jackson, Riley was emotional and angry about the treatment he had received from drug dealers, and Riley said he was going to start robbing drug dealers who did not treat him appropriately. Thereafter, Darrell Jackson and Ramrod Bollin gave some rock cocaine to Billy Ray Riley, and Riley smoked the cocaine while Ramrod Bollin went into the bathroom to take a shower. Jackson testified that while Ramrod Bollin was in the shower, Riley began to ask about the money and drugs Ramrod Bollin had in his possession. When Ramrod Bollin finished his shower, the three men went into Ramrod’s room. Ramrod Bollin sat on the dresser facing Riley who was sitting on a bed. Riley was holding the shotgun and Jackson was standing near Ramrod toward the middle of the dresser. At that point, Jackson testified that Billy Ray Riley killed Ramrod Bollin.
RIPPO, MICHAEL 1993 - African American - Convicted and sentenced to death for strangling Lauri Jacobson, 27, and Denise Lizzi, 25, in a Las Vegas apartment in February 1992 during a robbery. Prosecutors said he also tortured the victims with a high-voltage stun gun.
ROBINS, CHARLES 1989 - African American Clark Convicted of beating to death an 11-month-old girl, the daughter of his girlfriend, in 1988 in Las Vegas. Witnesses said during Robins' trial that he had abused the girl for four months.
Mark Rogers 1981 - White Pershing Convicted and sentenced to death for the 1980 gunshot and stabbing deaths of an elderly couple, Emery and Mary Strode, and their daughter, 41-year-old Meriam, at their Pershing County mine.
SHERMAN, DONALD WILLIAM 1994 1964 White Clark Sherman was sentenced to death for the May 1994 murder of Lester Bauer, a retired doctor. He also had been convicted of killing an Idaho grocery store owner he was trying to rob in 1981. He was on parole for that crime when he killed Bauer.
SMITH, JOSEPH W. 1996 - African American Clark Sentenced to death in April 1996 for the strangulation and hammer slaying of his two stepdaughters, Wendy J. Cox, 20, and Kristy Cox, 12, in their Green Valley home in October 1990. Smith was originally convicted of killing his two stepdaughters and his wife Judith Smith, 47. He was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of his wife and given the death penalty for the murders of his two stepdaughters. The Supreme Court ordered Smith's sentence for the murder of Kristy Cox be reduced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. But the death penalty still stands for the murder of Wendy Cox.
SNOW, JOHN OLIVER 1984 1943 African American Clark Convicted and sentenced to death in connection with the contract killing of Harry Wham in Las Vegas in 1983. Snow was paid $5,000 for the fatal shooting in 1983 Harry Wham, owner of the Keyboard Lounge. The money was paid by Wham's wife Peggy, and several others were involved in an effort to take over the successful business. She received a life term without the possibility of parole but was freed by the state Pardons Board because of her deteriorating health condition.
SONNER, MICHAEL - 1967 White Pershing Sonner, a North Carolina jail escapee, was convicted of killing Carlos Borland, a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper, during a stop on Interstate 80 east of Lovelock in 1993.
THOMAS, MARLO 1997 - African American Clark Convicted and sentenced to death in 1997 for the April 1996 murders of Carl Dixon, 23, and Matthew Gianakis, 21. The victims were prep cooks at the steakhouse near Rainbow Boulevard when Thomas, a former employee of the business who had been fired, barged in and robbed the restaurant at gunpoint.
VANISI, SIAOSI 1999 - Asian American Washoe Vanisi was convicted of the 1998 hatchet murder of George Sullivan, a University of Nevada, Reno campus police sergeant who was attacked while in his patrol car.
WALKER, JAMES 2003 - African American Clark Convicted and sentenced to death in the August 2003 murder Christine Anziano, 33, outside a Las Vegas drugstore. Walker also was convicted of five other charges for crimes committed against two other people within 24 hours of Anziano’s death, including slitting one man’s throat.
WATSON, III, JOHN MATTHIAS 2010 1940 White Clark A jury has granted a former California math teacher his request for the death penalty for the 2006 killing and dismembering of his wife in a Las Vegas hotel room. The same jury that convicted 70-year-old John Matthus Watson III of first-degree murder Thursday deliberated less than two hours before handing down the death penalty Friday. The body of 50-year-old Everilda "Evie" Watson has never been found. Her children reported her missing in July 2006 after John Watson returned home to Ontario, Calif., from a vacation without her. Authorities reported finding blood in the couple's Jeep Cherokee, and Watson was seen on videotape buying an electric saw, bleach, odor absorbent trash bags and other items. Watson was sentenced to death on June 11, 2010.
Timmy “T.J.” Weber 2003 1983 White Clark Convicted and sentenced to death for the excruciatingly slow death of his girlfriend's 15-year-old son in 2002. Weber’s girlfriend, Kim Gautier, 38, died after being hit on the head, possibly with a baseball bat, and then being strangled. Her body was found in a plastic container inside her closet. Her son Anthony Gautier was tortured before he died. A shirt was shoved into the boy’s mouth, duct tape wrapped around his face and head and a plastic bag placed over his head and tied with speaker wire.
WILLIAMS, ANTOINE L. 1995 - African American Clark A Clark County jury found Williams guilty in 1995 of using a lamp cord to strangle 74-year-old William Nail and strangling and stabbing his 72-year-old wife Alice in the couple’s Las Vegas home in 1994.
WILLIAMS, CARY 1983 - African American Washoe Williams was sentenced to death by a three-judge panel in 1983 after pleading guilty to the 1982 torture and murder of a pregnant Reno nurse, Katherine Carlson.
WILSON, EDWARD 1980 - White Washoe Edward Thomas Wilson pleaded guilty to first-degree murder for killing Hoff during an undercover drug sting in June 1979 and was sentenced to death by a three-judge panel. Now 52, he is the longest serving inmate on Nevada's death row. Hoff was posing as a drug dealer when he met with Wilson on June 24, 1979, and discussed buying 10 ounces of cocaine from Wilson. They agreed to meet later that night to complete the deal. Unbeknownst to Hoff, Wilson and John Olausen were plotting to kill the drug dealer, and they enlisted the help of two others, David Lani and Fred Stites. All were teenagers or in their early 20s at the time. Shortly after Hoff met Wilson, the listening devices on Hoff's car malfunctioned, preventing his backup from hearing what was happening, and other officers lost sight of him on several occasions. Hoff was ambushed by the four near Idlewild Park in Reno. He was stabbed numerous times, his body found a few hours later buried under a pile of rocks in a drainage ditch.
William l. Witter 1994 - Latino Clark Witter was convicted of stabbing and trying to sexually assault Kathryn Cox in a garage in Las Vegas on November 17, 1993. When Cox's husband, James, arrived home, Witter stabbed him 16 times, killing him.
Robert Ybarra 1981 - White White Pine Ybarra, then 25, drove Nancy Griffith to a remote area 20 miles from Ely on Sept. 28, 1979, where he raped and beat her before dousing her in gasoline, setting her on fire and leaving her for dead. With burns over 75 % of her body, the 16-year-old walked a mile before she was found by two fishermen. The men left to flag down a passing car and ask its driver to get the police. The driver was Ybarra, who offered to stay with the girl while the men drove to Ely. Ybarra was unable to find his victim, who hid when she saw his red pickup. When police arrived, Griffith identified Ybarra and his truck. She later died at a hospital.